Paper #2 Assignment

All papers must be 5 pages long, typed, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.  Do not adjust margins from the default settings.  Do not center-justify.  The paper needs to be left-justified (this does not mean you should not indent for each new paragraph).  All papers must be stapled prior to handing them in (paper clips, bobby pins, or anything that is not a staple is not acceptable).  Any deviation will result in a point deduction.

You must cite your sources using the Chicago Manual of Style.

Your name, class, and day/time we meet should be written in your header.

If you have any questions about the assignment, please feel free to contact me before the due date.


Please choose one from the following three prompts/questions.  You are only required to do one topic.

Question #1

As with the first museum paper, you must travel to a museum in your area to view a work of art on display.  You may again feel free to choose any object you like from the time period (up to the 14th century) and geographical area (Western Europe, Mesopotamia, Egypt) we cover in this course.  Please remember that you must visit a museum.  Trips to independent galleries are not acceptable. 

For this second, longer paper, you will choose two objects for comparison.  However, this comparison will not simply be a comparison of two disconnected images with no relation to one another.  Your goal is to choose a subject/theme that the two works have in common and look at the different ways each artist has negotiated that theme.  You are free to choose whatever theme you like, but it should be something meaningful and strong enough to craft a compelling paper.  For this paper, you must choose a work of art from two distinct regions and separated by at least one century.  Begin by identifying the two works and your chosen theme.  Then continue to describe each work in the way you described the work in your first paper, but be sure to attend to the ways each subject/theme is portrayed differently.  You may find two works that are done especially similar to one another and that will also be acceptable.  The idea here is to craft a strong, well-written comparative essay with a subject/theme as its conceptual anchor and the object as its evidence.

Of course, you will need to tell me the artist, title, date, medium of the objects you choose, and what museum you visited.

You may find that consulting outside sources will make for a stronger paper.  I highly recommend you do some reading on your chosen theme before you go into the museum.  

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